Small Daily Investments

In this journey to becoming your best self, you have to realize that you are your biggest asset. You are the driving force behind your ambition and goals, and therefore by all means, you have to nourish to flourish, and to maintain your focus. Invest in yourself.

An investment is an act of devoting time, effort, or energy to a particular undertaking with the expectation of a worthwhile result.¹

The process in itself is not exciting,  in that it takes time to see the results. And in our day and age of instant gratification, that can seem like either too much effort, or  even a waste of time, especially when life gets busy! Nonetheless, it is important.

How to bounce back from a set back

Failure is inevitable if you’re doing something with your life. So why do we choose to live in fear and hope that it never happens?
We dread failure for many reasons. It might be because you are anxious of how others are going to perceive you, especially if you’ve dubbed yourself as a “smart” person. Confidence takes a nosedive, and you might even experience an identity crisis depending on how closely you’ve linked a specific accomplishment to who you define yourself to be.
Fear of disappointing those who believe in us is another factor that makes a setback hard to deal with.
For example, how do you tell your parents that you are not graduating after they have been talking about it the whole year?

If you’re the kind of person who sets timelines, not achieving a goal can put you in panic mode. It’s anunwanted disturbance from the solid plan in your mind.

I’ve experienced the above first hand. It’s going to take me two years to get my honors degree, instead of one as set by my university. Having never failed in my academics before, it took a while for me to wrap my mind around it. After much thought and deliberation, I have concluded that there is no shame. It’s just going to be a fraction of my epic story of how I made it.

Here is my take on how to bounce back from a setback:

 It’s not personal
We all go through it, just at different times and in different aspects of our lives.

“It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might
as well not have lived at all- in which case, you fail by default.” – J.K Rowling.

Quit the self-criticism
How is it that you are so encouraging and understanding towards others, yet you don’t even attempt to extend yourself the same courtesy? You can have an amazing support system that lets you know that it’s okay to fail. However, your mental state will be shambles if you beat yourself down for not being perfect and getting things right the first time. There’s a difference between “real talk” and negative talk. Reflection on failure, though painful, is not meant to be disempowering. Check yourself.

First Things First, setting resolutions that stick

It’s that time of the year when setting resolutions is in vogue. Positive energy is abundant, and everyone is looking forward to the opportunities and challenges ahead with fierce determination. It is uplifting, yes, but let’s be real, a new year becomes old news quicker than you can say Jack Robinson!

So how do you maintain a positive mindset long after people have stopped talking about it? How do you make sure that you haven’t forgotten about your resolution when the world is in full swing and fresher trends have rolled in?
I hope you have taken some time off to think about it. What do you want or yourself in 2018? It is said that if you don’t know where you’re going, then you go nowhere. Call it resolutions, goals, or planning. For me this process of reflective thinking is a must to set good tone for the months to follow and mentally prepare myself for success. It’s a simple way to bring yourself back to earth after a long holiday and ensure that you’re cognizant of how you spend your time from here on forward.

If you didn’t quite get there yet, worry ye not!  It’s not too late to start off the year the boss kind of way. Below I’ve listed
5 tips to help you through this process. Let’s jump into it!