Accounting post grad is like the fast lane on a high way. Activity is pressured and moves along at full speed! As dangerous as it sounds, it’s also an exciting time and could be the highlight of your academic career.

So where do you start?

From trial and error, I would definitely tell you to do the following :

1. Don’t let fear get the best of you.
Feeling anxious to do well is a normal reaction to a challenge. You should watch that you are not so intimidated by what is required to the extent that you fail to act. Confidence in your ability will take you far.

2. Plan your week
Have a weekly schedule, to-do list, a dairy, whatever works for you. Knowing what needs to be done and when you’re going to do it will do wonders for your stress levels.

3. Have a life outside of your studies.
Have something non-academic related that you enjoy doing to help you blow some steam and so you won’t get overwhelmed.

4. Don’t be too busy!
With the above being said, post grad must still take up majority of your time and not merely be a fraction of what you do.

5. Have go to people.
You’re going to need positive reinforcement to maintain a winning mindset. Surround yourself with encouraging people who will hold you accountablealso for your actions towards your goals and also help you strategize as the year goes.

6. Consult.
You definitely will not know everything. Developing the habit of asking for help when you need it will save you time and stress. Lecturers are more than willing to assist you if you show that you’ve done the work. All you need to do is knock on their door if they have an open door policy, or simply make an appointment.

7. Take care of yourself.
Feed yourself good food. Exercise. Drink lots of water. Sort out your sleeping patterns as soon as possible.

8. Take time to relax everyday.

9. Have rest days.
You’re not procrastinating, you’re recharging.

10. General:
-Attempt and mark all assignments, even the ones you don’t submit. This will help you decrease the amount of content you have to work through when preparing for assessments.

-Get as much sleep as you need to be a fully functional human being who is wide awake during lectures.

-Take a snack to class. You will need it during those 10 minute breaks for a boost of energy.

-Invest in a trolley/ sturdy bag, preferably with wheels, to use to carry your textbooks and standards for study sessions, DP tests and exams. Those IFRS handbooks can be a real work out!

-Be on time for lectures so you don’t miss important announcements and lecture note hand outs.

-Carry a jersey just in case air con politics are not in your favour.

Understand that some weeks will be better than others. All in all be patient with yourself. Be consistent. Don’t fall into the comparison trap, everyone studies at their own pace. In due time, your hard work will pay off.

I’m with you all the way!

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